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Dunkin' Donuts

Worth the Trip

When we decided to move to Denver from NY one of our greatest disappointments was that there wasnt a Dunkin Donuts in the Denver area (and we actually checked!). We even considered opening one ourselves so that we could continue to enjoy… read more

King Soopers

King Soopers

King Soopers on Hampden is close to my residence, the store is extremely clean but most importantly, the King Soopers team (cashiers, etc.) are fast and efficient. read more


M Yeager

I was treated more rudely than any other Starbucks that I have ever been to at the store on East Cedar and Crystal in Aurora, Colorado. The barrista, Angie, had a friend order three drinks after I had ordered one. She filled the order… read more


This store is rad

It's good to see my favorite barista, Angie, is famous on the interweb! I'd like to personally thank Marilyn for never returning to my local Starbucks, and keeping her friends and family away. This is a win-win situation for us regulars.… read more

Slams Coffee & Tea Leaf


Slams Tea and Coffee is a relaxing environment similar to a Starbucks but with the quality of a family run and operated restaurant. Many people find this as a local escape from the grinds of the workforce before returning to Saddle Rock… read more


My favorite place to shop

This is a newer Target, and they seem to have gotten the hang of it now! There are parking spaces for expectant mothers, wider spaces in a large lot, a Starbucks inside, a dollar bin section with amazingly cute things, great coupons, etc.… read more



Super target has a great place to shop for all various items. Food is fresh and is watered such as the vegetables. The workers always are helpful and keeping their merchandise organized. More checkout stations and you can get in and out… read more

English Tea Cup

Memories of jolly old England

Wonderful place for British-Americans to find all those British foods, candies, and other items they crave from their youth. read more

English Tea Cup

English hospitality

A truly traditional English atmosphere and menu with a wide range of products and a wonderful welcoming staff, who take great care of you! read more

English Tea Cup

The drinks they serve are amazing

If you are a tea-lover, you'll definitely love this shop. The ambiance of the place is really relaxing and the drinks they serve are amazing. read more

English Tea Cup

This specialty store is just that.... special

I have had a hard time finding some of the items I crave as a Brit in a foreign country. What a pleasure to find a store that can provide the things I grew up with. Mushy peas, Crunch bars, and P.G. Tips, steak and kidney pie, bangers. I… read more

English Tea Cup

Great Tea

Great atmosphere, great prices, great service, great food and great tea. I also tried something they called teafee, a mixture of tea and coffee which sounds weird, but it was great. They had great crumpets and some of the best scones I… read more

English Tea Cup

English Tea Cup is A Great Find!!

My friend from England and I went there for lunch last week. The atmosphere is welcoming, as is the staff. The personal teapot with matching cup and saucer were of delicate china. The beef pastie and lentil soup I had were delicious! … read more

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