Centennial Skateboard Park In Trouble Near Aurora Colorado

By Dianne Anderson

For some reason unknown to kids and adults alike who just want to get their skate on, someone has been vandalizing this spacious skatepark complete with benches and shade for adults to keep an eye on their children skateboarding and bicycling. Whoever it is continues to place graffiti and obscene messages all over the skating area of the park. During the past month police on bicycles began to patrol the area looking for the vandals or anyone else who might be causing a disturbance at this park.

Most recently it has gotten to the point to where the authorities have actually placed crime scene tape around the skatepark to keep all skateboarders out of the park. This act has caused the many honest skateboarders who aren’t out to destroy skateparks to have to resort to going to the next closest park, Wheel Park in Aurora, which in turn creates an over crowded skatepark! This is truly an unfortunate performance on the part of the perpetrator or perpetrators of these destructive acts to the new skatepark in Centennial.

It is most calamitous to see this brand new skatepark in trouble due to a few ill responsible individuals who have little or no respect for property or the rights of others. Street and Vert skateboarders alike need a decent place to skate in order to skate freely without invading upon another business owner’s property or disturbing the peace of the public. When a skatepark is built complete with all the ramps, rails and bowls needed to accomplish this, it is a shame that a few undeserving individuals would find a need to try to destroy it.

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